Changing the Paradigm By Changing our MINDS! Is This the Greater Truth of Quantum Science?

It would appear we really can change the national and global paradigm...and that beginning is as simple as changing how we view the world, ourselves, events...individual and en masse. This may not be metaphysical "glass half full" is unfolding as a very real SCIENCE; a science so profound that even the old guard world of science, the stuffed shirts yet clinging to scientific materialism, are having grave difficulty in letting go of the old "rules" and embracing the revelations which are staring them right in the face.

It seems we truly do have the Power to change things and we are at a place, in the time of man, wherein those who desire to hang onto the old beastly scarcity/elite, us/them paradigm are actually choosing this paradigm, and regardless of which side of that paradigm they are focused on, they are ALL members, in a sense, of a flat earth society.

I have been a member for some time...believing I and my loved ones have fallen victim, in some way, to the dark forces of a global financial elite, and yet the power these forces have is no more than that which we give, with our attention, our being rivited to the is this attention that appears to gives any force of events its power to manifest in our collective consciousness construct.

In truth, there are infinite possibilities, a literally endless potential of probable worlds which we can manifest...we can acknowledge the darkness, yes, of course, yet while moving swiftly toward the light, toward positive change; this appears to be the energy and focus which will eventually bring THESE forces, the forces for positive transformation, into our reality.

Doing so may not end all war, or entirely "save the planet" or magically erase the dark elements of the past, as it were....yet science appears to clearly point to a major and undeniable truth, that the only way to truly and ultimately engage in a successful process of transformation, individual and global, the place to begin is in the MIND.

This is how I read it anyway....its all, in some deeper sense, a choice and its SCIENCE!