We here at Quantum Matrix Radio believe that the Near Death Experience may hold the key to changing our personal, national, and world paradigm. Millions have reported phenomenal experiences and powerful spiritual lessons gleaned after having died and lived to tell about it!

Bestselling author Dannion Brinkley and his wife of many years, Kathryn Brinkley, both near death experiencers, have written a book outlining a program for living gleaned from the wisdom of the Near Death Experience; the book is entitled: Secrets of the Light

Future QMR shows intend to cover this prograam for living and its applications toward personal, national, and global transformation. Dannion is unique in the world of the Near Death Experience because he returned with numerous visions of the future, many which have come true – therefore his world view is very focused on the disturbing events of today and yet his story and his projections into the future are filled with humor and hope. We include here a broadcast interview with Dannion on Quantum Matrix Radio back in 2015. His statements about the world are even more pertinent today!