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Free Energy is Real!

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Are you aware that Free Energy is more than an obscure scientific knowledge that died with Nikola Tesla? Free Energy is real! The knowledge of Free Energy which Tesla brought into this world did not die with him, it was confiscated by officials: FBI: Nikola Tesla’s Death Ray Is Real, Declassified Files Reveal

Tesla technology has emerged in the military as HAARP: Nikola Tesla: Father of HAARP and Electromagnetic “Climate Change” 

Tesla technology has emerged in the military as directed energy weaponry, as well, which is publically known to be used in all three branches of the U.S. military force.

Raytheon - a Leader in RF Directed Energy Weapons                                                                       "Raytheon is among the leaders in several DEW disciplines: high-power radio-frequency (RF) systems, solid-state lasers, weapon system integration and production, and mission analysis. Engineering teams from Raytheon businesses are working with government laboratories in five main areas: • Mission analysis: identifying targets, engagement profiles and kill mechanisms • Lethality: characterizing effects of directed energy on targets and materials • Laser and RF subsystems: generating very high output-power beams • Beam-control subsystems: directing energy to the aim-point on a moving target."   Read: Directed-Energy Systems are Raytheon's Latest Way to Put Energy on Target, paragraph 3

Is  there a relationship between Free Energy as a source of energy for the people and directed energy weaponry?  One link appears to be in RF waves. Watch how a 13 year old prodigy  created a free energy device using RF waves, for 14 bucks: 13 year old Invents Free Energy Device [Using RF] for 14 bucks!  Also, see links below to learn about numerous people who've built free energy generators, learn how to build your own!

In other words, RF - radio frequency waves, which surround us (that's why we can 'tune into' any radio station) can power directed energy weapons AND free energy technology! The use of directed energy, in fact, clearly indicates that knowledge of Free Energy technology exists within the power structure, and that it is being used to control and secure fossil fuel resources, rather than to liberate mankind by providing the means by which the use of fossil fuels would become rapidly obsolete. It appears that, just as in Tesla's time, knowledge which could free mankind from its suffering, is instead being used to keep mankind locked into a paradigm wherein the mega-powers of the traditional energy industries reign supreme.

Free Energy also ENDS the climate change narrative! It ends 'cap and trade', it ends Agenda 21 AKA Agenda 2030, Agenda 2050 and the other AKA - the United Nations New Millennium Development Goals - a plan masquerading as a 'benefit' to mankind in the same way that the IMF and World Bank have gone into Third World countries under the banner of 'helping' them while in fact robbing them of their resources and taxing them at exorbitant rates intended to drag on for generations, in the process (think John Perkins - "An Economic Hitman").

Nikola Tesla ties into this modern development as well, because Tesla discovered that the weather can be controlled.

Inventor Bernard Eastlund, PhD, a plasma physicist who has written 53 peer reviewed science papers and has 23 U.S. patents, claims that one of his patents, which is based in Tesla technologies, was used to build HAARP. Eastlund and others believe HAARP is being used for weather modification and weaponry: CBC News - Nikola Tesla & HAARP Military Weather Weapon  

From Wikipedia on Dr. Bernard Eastlund: "One of Eastlund’s patents (US4686605 A) described an adaptation of concepts first proposed by Nikola Tesla. Eastlund's "Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere", described as "grandiose", proposed a 40-mile square, HAARP-like radio transmitter that used Alaskan natural gas to generate current to create electromagnetic radiation that would excite a section of the ionosphere. Eastlund's patent speculated on "possible ramifications and potential future developments" including magnetotelluric surveys, local weather modification, and missile defense. Eastlund later claimed that HAARP was built using his patents."

Numerous experts are proposing that weather, in fact, IS being technologically controlled, but just as the powers that be are using directed energy as a weapon, rather than the reverse of Free Energy to liberate mankind, it appears weaponized weather is being used, according to some experts, to keep the climate change narrative active in order to implement Agenda 21. -

Free Energy is real, it exists today and is in use militarily via RF directed energy weaponry. It is ALSO being used by citizens around the country and perhaps around the world. People are building their own free energy generators and devices, the science and technology is now known to the public. This reality proves that the climate change narrative and Agenda 21 are moot at their root because the technology to overcome the fossil fuel industry is already in existence.

Add to this an acknowledgement that weaponized weather systems control is also a reality. This would indicate that 'crazy weather' is actually engineered weather. Again - making the climate change narrative and Agenda 21 moot at their root.

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