Pamela Senzee is a filmmaker, producer, radio show host, author, artist, and cross country trekker who has trekked over 4000 miles for truth.

She is the director of Truth Walk, a film about a 440 mile walk encompassing the sites of the crimes of 9/11, beginning in the Shanksville area, trekking to Washington DC and the Pentagon, then onward to NYC and closing at the 9/11 Survivor Tree located in the World Trade Center 9/11 Memorial. Her sojourn for truth was taken with retired police officer and practicing criminal defense attorney David Meiswinkle, JD.

Meiswinkle serves on the Board of the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry. The film Pamela is directing, Truth Walk, will feature the ongoing work of this important organization in Truth Walk Part 2! Meiswinkle is the executive producer of Truth Walk.

Truth Walk Part 1 can be seen in its entirety here: Watch NOW!

Pamela is the producer and host of Quantum Matrix Radio. The show has run for four years and is featured on No Lies Radio, a Pacifica Radio online broadcaster. QMR began, originally as Satyagraha 9/11 Radio and evolved into Quantum Matrix Radio. The QMR Mission is to examine the world's great challenges with solutions in mind, as well as introducing the implications of quantum physics into the dialogue, as these indicate strongly and scientifically that we can indeed change the world paradigm for the better by elevating our own consciousness.

In 2012, along with a fellow peace activist, Pamela rode a bicycle across North America for Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Her book, Quantum Trek: a Post 9/11 Journey of Transformation, documents her experiences and a message of hope drawn from quantum physics as well as insights gleaned from her epic sojourn. The book features rave reviews by Richard Gage, AIA, Niels Harrit, PhD, Graeme MacQueen, PhD, and David Meiswinkle, JD. Pamela's life mission is to bring forth the scientific evidence that we have the power, within ourselves by way of our psyche, to change all that we see as a challenge into elevating solutions.

Pamela, in addition to the many radio shows she has produced, has also been a guest on numerous radio shows and has been interviewed along with Richard Gage, AIA and Dr. Niels Harrit on a number of shows.

Pamela has also spoken at numerous events, ranging from Arizona State University’s yearly Global to Local Teach In and the Human Rights Day March in Phoenix, AZ. She has spoken at the National Mall in Washington DC during the March Against Drones, preceding Dr. Cornel West. 

She has served as the global Action Groups Team coordinator for Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth and worked as a campaign coordinator for the historic ReThink 9/11 Campaign which raised over 250K for a public media ad campaign about the freefall collapse of the 3rd Tower which went down on 9/11 -- Building 7. The campaign educated tens of millions of people in eleven major cities around the world. 

In 2007 she traveled to the Gulf Coast, recording 30 hrs. of footage documenting the slow recovery effort and donated this film to director Spike Lee.

Pamela's art, her book Quantum Trek: A Post 9/11 Journey of Transformation, the film Truth Walk, & her radio show/podcast are dedicated to peaceful solutions in a post-9/11 world. Proceeds from her artwork and book royalties, available from this site, go toward the support and advancement of her efforts to bring about world change for the better.


Pam at the Capital Building in Washington DC after conducting an outreach to U.S. senators for the ReThink911 campaign and AE911Truth  

Pam at the Capital Building in Washington DC after conducting an outreach to U.S. senators for the ReThink911 campaign and AE911Truth



Pam with Dr. Cornel West in front of the White House after speaking at the National Mall and marching to the White House.