The Inexplicable Science of the Shroud

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This is the last show QMR is doing for No Lies Radio. I'm taking a sabbatical from producing/hosting in order to write my second book, a soul searching project which examines the spiritual solutions for a world gone awry and for a people who must face and grapple with conditions such as engineered weather, chemical aerosol spraying and the toxicity it produces, Agenda 21 in the form of globalism - a planned control grid for the world's resources including land, water, produce, minerals, creatures and humans who are seen as a business resource, the engineering of societies away from national governance to centralized global governance through the machinations of the U.N. and associative organizations such as CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg Group and gatherings such as Bohemian Grove. The plan for global governance is rooted, I firmly believe based on my research for QMR, in the Luciferian religion which is being planned by those in this power structure as the basis of a global religion. Whether you, yourself, are religious or not this would affect you and affect your children. Luciferianism is practiced in secret societies such as the Masons, and in philosophies such as Theosophy, or in Theosophical offshoots such as that of Lucis Trust (formerly Lucifer Trust) whose other organization World Good Will is in charge of the United Nations New Millennium Sustainability Development Goals also known as Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030. This Agenda, I believe is Luciferian at it's base and this can be observed in the writings of Alice Bailey the founder of Lucis (Lucifer) Trust. There is much evidence that false flags such as 9/11 and others have occult symbology related to them. Whistle blower William (Bill) Cooper did an in depth research into the secrets of the Luciferian secret society religion in his Mystery Babylon series on his short wave radio broadcast in the nineties and up to 9/11. During this series he read directly about the Luciferian doctrine and 'The Plan' which we know as the New World Order, reading from Masonic, Rosicrucian and related writings he exposed what was otherwise secret and exposed the hidden plan to take over the world based on this Luciferian doctrine. I believe the real perpetrators of 9/11 are adherents to this doctrine, George Bush Sr. has exhibited clear signs of this by his membership in Skull and Bones as well as his promotion of the New World Order and, of course, many other connections could be sited, as with his son George W. Bush. To begin to recognize the occult basis for that which we oppose, for globalism, for false flags, for Agenda 21 and all that is related to it, I believe is foundational to understanding what is happening. Yet understanding this does not appear to have the ultimate power to combat it. I believe we are genuinely in a spiritual battle and that we need spiritual power. One thing I have observed through my research is that Luciferians abhor genuine Christians who turn to Jesus for help and Jesus Christ as a savior. They DO place Jesus in a 'high office' of sorts, something which appears to be a placation while at the same time endeavoring to slowly yet severely alter Biblical scripture itself while challenging the historic authenticity of the life of Jesus. Luciferians group Jesus in with a collection of 'ascended masters' some of whom are 'channeled' in their writings. Jesus was said to have been 'channeled' for the Course in Miracles which is the basis for all of the writings of presidential candidate Marianne Williamson. The originators and background of A Course in Miracles can be tied to MK Ultra when one examines its actual history. Marianne Williamson promotes the New Green Deal which is in fact the U.S. arm of the United Nations Agenda 21 or the New Millennium Sustainability Development Goals AKA Agenda 2030. As one researches, one begins to see the Luciferian web, the connections, the tie ins.

Having said all of this, several months ago I came across decades long scientific research into the Shroud of Turin. It has baffled scientists as the image on the Shroud is a negative and the positive can only be seen on a photographic negative of a photograph of the Shroud image which reveals the positive. There is three dimensional information in the Shroud, something which a photograph or painting or drawing cannot produce. The blood and the pollen evidence of the Shroud are far, far beyond court level evidence quality data. I believe the Shroud may reveal the genuine truth about the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus and that knowing this a Power to combat the New World Order and to guide one through, the effects of its attempted development, can be accessed. I believe Luciferians at the top know this and that this is why there is such a strong attempt to alter the meaning of the life of Jesus....I now believe they don't want people to directly access this Power.

The Pope is in direct alignment with Luciferians at the U.N. as he directed Catholics to follow the dictates of the Luciferian run (Lucis/Lucifer Trust's World Goodwill) U.N. New Millennium Sustainability Development Goals. In addition the Vatican telescope in Arizona is named, by the Vatican, the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. Telescope. There IS a connection. The Pope stated that, "It is dangerous to have a personal relationship with Jesus."

Obviously the Catholic Church has jurisdiction over the Shroud which is in Turin, Italy not the Vatican, yet I believe much which is authentic has survived through the 'first church', the Catholic Church and that the vast majority of Catholics are good people, however, I also believe at the top there is much corruption. An argument could also be made that there was an effort to falsify the first carbon dating of the Shroud as the corner of the cloth to be tested was cut from an area corrupted with Medieval interwoven cotton as a repair. Fortunately, fibers were retained and many years later the false report was exposed by one of the original scientists who did the original dating. He attempted to research this in order to defend the original findings and found that objections to the original carbon dating were in fact correct.

I believe the Shroud is genuine and conveys inexplicable scientific realities which affirm the Biblical account of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus and I believe that because Jesus offered instant grace, rather than earned 'spiritual advancement' and 'knowledge' something which initiations, hierarchies and secret societies offer, that a personal relationship with Jesus is considered a danger to the Luciferian plan.

That is why I am writing a book.

Yours truly and thank you for your years of support!

Pamela Senzee

Updates and new information will be posted at and I may post an occasional podcast on the site as well so, please, keep checking in. Eventually I will post a site for the new book and contact info for that site so do keep in touch. If you are interested in direct updates just email me at and I'll send occasional updates when I post new info.



Shroud of Turin - The Inexplicable Science:

Shroud of Turin Research Site:

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Paradise Lost: What the California Fires Have Revealed About New World Order Weapons, Design, Occult Religion and More - With Jamie Lee


Jamie Lee is a preeminent researcher into the strange anomalies of the California fires as well as the bizarre policies they are generating. After years as a Wall Street analyst he experienced an awakening to the realization that he could no longer work on Wall Street and live with a clear conscience, so he left. His life transformation led him into an examination of the world around him and he began to explore the chemtrail phenomenon, authoring the book

Geoengineering aka Chemtrails: Investigations into Humanities 6th Great Extinction Event. Jamie became a very popular YouTuber with videos reaching tens of thousands of hits but YT took his channel down during the start of the wave of sweeping censorship we are now all familiar with. Jamie's experience with censorship took place at the height of his research into what happened in the Paradise fires while building his journalistic series Paradise Lost. This series is now available on a back up channel at A Plane Truth 3, just type in 'Paradise' once on the channel in order to view the series.

Jamie's CA fire research is deep and revealing, he lives there, he is plugged into the communities, he goes directly to the sites, speaks directly to the people and he reports what the people themselves are reporting to him. According to some citizens coming forward, who are witnesses, the anomalies strongly point to directed energy being used in many of these fires, one of these witnesses includes Fire Captain John Lord. Homes burned to the ground to white ash while trees around them survive lush and growing. People have witnessed and recorded beams of light, generally blue beams which seem to correlate with ignition. There is also an occult aspect which Jamie and others have observed. In today's show we'll talk about all of this and much, much more!

How do homes get burned to white ash, to their foundation while leaving  the surrounding greenery lush?

How do homes get burned to white ash, to their foundation while leaving

the surrounding greenery lush?

Maybe these citizens are recording something that can explain  the bizarre anomalies - DEW

Maybe these citizens are recording something that can explain

the bizarre anomalies - DEW

Links to Jamie Lee's Videos and Related Material:

Examples of Firenado's and Basic Laser Directed Energy (DEW)

Paradise Lost # 45 ~ The 9-11 Connection

Paradise Lost # 51 ~ The Fire Embers are Programmable Swarming Nanobots !!!! (Interview With Whistle Blower 'Angel' About Nanobot-Swarms Used in the Paradise Fires)

Paradise # 77 ~ NSA & DHS Were Staged IN Paradise BEFORE Fires -

Santa Rosa Fire Footprint Matches Green Redevelopment Plan

Paradise Lost # 3 Fire Captain John Lord On Fire Abnormalities and DEW

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Mystery Babylon, the NWO, the UN, a 'Green Deal', Global Governance, Global Religion -- It's ALL ONE! An Analysis of Bill Cooper's Timeless Research


Mystery Babylon, according to the late Bill Cooper, IS the NWO, it is a religion. It is the religion practiced, according to Bill, in Masonic Temples across the country and around the world. It is also the religion which is fundamental at the UN according to researchers well versed in the writings of Alice Bailey and published through Lucis Trust, formally Lucifer Trust, an organization embedded at the UN and which founded World Goodwill. This organization was placed, by the UN, in charge of the implementation of Agenda 21 globally by placing it in charge of the UN New Millennium Sustainability Development Goals in 2015. In this show, by Bill during his Hour of the Time shortwave radio broadcast, many years ago, he asserts that Vatican hierarchy also belong to secret societies (practicing a Mystery Babylon religion) and one only need to look up the Vatican telescope in Tucson, AZ, one of the most advanced observatory telescopes in the world. The name of this telescope is the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. telescope. Are they just being cute? Doubtful, the clear and very likely truth is that they are being brazen. The Pope in 2015 highly supported the UN New Millennium Sustainability Goals which the Luciferians of World Goodwill had become in charge of by including an assertion in his 2015 encyclical that all Catholics follow the UN NMSDG's.

It is important to understand what is happening, also because there is a push for socialism in America coupled with a "Green Deal" which is in actuality Agenda 21, the NWO planned global takeover, meaning resources, land, water, the weather (controlling the weather is well into full swing) and people as a the NWO people are a resource, just that!

It is important, if one wants to understand what the 'New World Order' really is, that one understand it is first and foremost a religion, a Luciferian religion, it is the Mystery Babylon religion.

This show is dedicated to William Cooper and the invaluable research which cost him his life. May God always bless your soul Bill!


Full Bill Cooper Broadcast -- this version contain an intro about the structure of the UN by the person who posted it:

Mystery School's 'Illumined Man' is 666

Hollywood Subliminals -- Illuminati/Masonic Symbols

Bill Cooper 8 Hour Broadcast ON 9/11

Bill Cooper Predicts 9/11

Bill Cooper Mystery Babylon Series FULL

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Child Trafficking and Experimentation by Way of Medical Kidnapping and CPS

Read about the cases, read court documents, learn the facts at

Read about the cases, read court documents, learn the facts at

Today on QMR we're going to learn about actual stories, they are heart wrenching, shocking and they are real. Good families having their children quite literally subject to state sponsored abduction on baseless charges and sometimes without any charge at all, as a matter of fact sometimes children are kept from good families based on 'adoptability'. That's right, children removed and then held as CPS attempts to proceed with a legal process called "establishing best interest" meaning they attempt to "establish" that even though no fault can be found with the parents it may be in the "best interest" of the child to be adopted anyway! The results are beyond tragic as children taken from good homes by Child "Protective" Services may be raped, burned, abused, place in pedophile ring foster homes, you name it, and if that isn't enough, guess what, once these children are in the custody of the state it is legal to do drug testing on them! Learn what is happening, get the word out, the truth will shock you, yes, but we need people to be aware in order to fight back, to fight for our children, they are NOT the state's children, to do with as they please, they are our children, the children of the people.


Arizona Child Taken Away From Loving Parents and Placed in Foster Care Where She Was Repeatedly Raped and Then 80% of Her Body Burned

Medical Kidnapping in the U.S. - Kidnapping Children for Drug Trials

Breast Fed Home Birthed Children Taken Away From Parents for Not Using Hospital

Judge in Homeschool Teenager Medical Kidnap Case Orders Video and Pictures of Doctor Removed From Medical Kidnap Website as Cell Phones of Supporters are Confiscated

Medical Kidnap Editor/Reporter Terri LaPoint at Million Parent March

Marine Corps 'Smart Cities', Nano Weather, DEW, "Operational Defenses through Weather Control 2030" an Offical Document Surfaces

Georgia Guide Stones at Night: “Maintain Humanity Under 500,000,000” Photo by Pamela Senzee

Georgia Guide Stones at Night: “Maintain Humanity Under 500,000,000” Photo by Pamela Senzee

Operational Defenses through Weather Control in 2030

By Michael C. Boger, Major, United States Air Force

A Research Report Submitted to the Faculty In Partial Fulfillment of the Graduation Requirements

Advisor: Major Paul J. Hoffman

Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama

April 2009


The United States needs to incorporate the defense against directed energy weapons with the same intensity used developing anti-ballistic missile defenses.

Nanotechnology being used in weaponized weather system control, it’s here, it’s DOCUMENTED! And what is the date of this document? It is a decade old document, they have been doing this for at least ten years. We know that nanotechnology was used in 9/11 because an international team of scientists documented nanothermite in the dust of 9/11, a high grade military technology, an incendiary with explosive properties. Now we know that nanotechnology is being used to control the weather. Climate change anyone? Climate engineering is more like it. Weaponized climate engineering and if you think it’s just for “our enemies” think again, it’s here, it’s been here, and all one need do is pay attention to “the whacky weather” and understand there are forces behind what can be termed militarized weather or weaponized climate engineering.

The use of these weather weapons for imminent domain land and property access for United Nations Agenda 21 aka Agenda 2030 is obvious to anyone who is doing their research and paying attention.

The document: Operational Defenses through Weather Control in 2030 by Major Michael C. Boger USAF outlines uses for nanotechnology in weather manipulation as well as a sort of shield and targeting system to either block or direct directed energy weaponry from the air and from space. Is there still anyone out there doubting the advancements of these technologies? This is a TEN YEAR OLD DOCUMENT!

Let’s couple this with the recent pact the mayor of San Diego made, a ‘partnership’ with the Marine Corps to make San Diego a great “Smart City”. We are talking about surveillance technology, now taking on a military level capability and development in an American city! Doesn’t anyone remember Posse Comitatus? The military is NOT supposed to have ANY role in the operation of our cities! Yet now, they are ‘helping’ to ‘develop’ surveillance operational, data collecting ‘Smart Cities’!

Learn more by listening to today’s show. I’m not sure what all of the solutions are. Prayer is one….maybe the most important one! We need to become aware, speak out, and take actions, being guided from a Power greater than this present evil.

Pamela Senzee


Operational Defenses for Weather Control 2030 PDF

A Weather Modification History

California Wildfire: Another Directed Energy Attack?

'Smart City' San Diego Partners W/ Marine Corps - One Step Closer To 5G Lock Down

 California Wildfire: Another Directed Energy Attack? Extensive Scientific Evidence

Nanotechnology is Controlling Weather, Just Needs a Military Officer’s Command

“Smart City’ San Diego Partners W/ Marine Corp - One Step Closer to 5G Lock Down

San Diego's street lights that spy

Health Hazards of LED Lights - Dr. Mercola

San Diego to Cover Half the City With Intelligent Streetlights - ‘GovTech article’

How cities innovate to meet their smart city vision (Microsoft)

The U.S. Marine Corps Turned San Diego Into A Massive Chinese-Style Smart City (Updated)

Quotes from Operational Defenses through Weather Control in 2030 Doc:




Illuminati Church?


Arise Church, a mega church replete with Illuminati symbolism, what does it mean? Is this the new world order, via religious infiltration, unfolding before our very eyes?


The Illuminati AKA 'mystery schools' teach Luciferianism, this, it is now known through decades of research from dedicated persons determined to uncover what is really happening behind the walls and in the ceremonies of initiates into secret societies. It has also been revealed by promoters of the 'mysteries' such as Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Manley P. Hall and others. So what is Illuminati symbolism doing in the events of a mega church out of New Zealand? Learn more about a plan for a 'coming world religion' coming straight out of an organization embedded in the UN and directly linked to Agenda 21, today on Quantum Matrix Radio.



What in the World is Happening With Arise Church?

William (Bill) Cooper Mystery Babylon - Play All 

William Cooper and His Death Pt 1

William Cooper and His Death Pt 2

William Cooper and His Death Pt 3

William Cooper and His Death Pt 4

William Cooper and His Death Pt 5

William Cooper and His Death Pt 6

William Cooper and His Death Pt 7

William Cooper and His Death Pt 8

William Cooper and His Death Pt 9

History of Weather System Control - Frankenskies

Pope Creates 'Chrislam' Logo

Anthony Hilder - The Property Pirates - Agenda 21 (Prelude)

Anthony Hilder - The Property Pirates - Agenda 21 (Pt 1)

Anthony Hilder - The Property Pirates - Agenda 21 (Pt 2)

NIV, NASB, NKJV, RSV, TLB,All New Age Satanic Counterfeit Bible Versions by Gail Riplinger

John Todd Recorded Talks

Abortion Industry? On QMR

NY's New Abortion/Infanticide Law - From the Article:

This is the heart of the matter. This term "health" has been defined by the Supreme Court as meaning "all factors -- physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the woman's age -- relevant to the well-being of the patient" ( Doe v. Bolton, the companion case to Roe v. Wade). In effect, it means any reason whatsoever, if the woman and the abortionist consider it relevant to her emotional or psychological or family health. Notice also that the bill considers only the mother to be a "patient". The unborn child is a target. 

Confessions of an Economic Hitman - John Perkins (How coming to 'help' a poverty stricken region can enslave Third World peoples with enormous tax dept for generations AKA 'ending poverty' can be a euphuism for debtor enslavement)

Gen. Petraeus "We will spy on you with your dishwasher"

Agenda 2030 TRANSLATED

'One World One Vision' Agenda 2050 - Rosa Koire - Democrats Against Agenda 21  (Agenda 2050 speaks of 'pooling national sovereignty' worldwide)

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Thanks to  A Minute to Midnight  for breaking this story  wide open!

Thanks to A Minute to Midnight for breaking this story wide open!

Update! I am unable to post audio for this show, I don’t know why. The show is scheduled to air today/Monday 5-20-19 on No Lies Radio at 10 AM, here is the link to today’s show: This is the current archive link which should be available tomorrow/Tuesday morning: until then only subscribers have access.

Many blessings

Pope Calls for 'Global Leader' to Implement UN Agenda 21; He is Aligned With Luciferians of the UN in Charge of Agenda 2030, are Some Leaders in the Truth Movement Advocating a Spiritual Philosophy Which Lines up With Plans for a 'Global Religion'?

audio Block
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QuantumZeitgeistVenus ProjectAgenda 21.jpg

The Pope has recently declared that the nations of the world need a 'supranational world leader' in order to implement the United Nations New Millennium Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - Agenda 21. So we have the leader of the world's Catholics aligning with those in charge of the UN SDGs who are Luciferians (SDGs are run by World Goodwill founded by Lucis Trust formerly Lucifer Trust), and from this alignment (another term could be union) calling for a global leader with legal authority over all nations. Really??? It's curious that the Pope is endeavoring to blur the edges of not only national sovereignty but also of religion, as evidenced by his recent creation of a 'logo' for 'Chrislam', a merger between Christianity and Islam. Lucis Trust itself is active in implementing a global or world religion, because the writings of their founder Alice Bailey, state quite clearly that there 'will be' what she called a 'coming world religion'. So what does Zeitgeist and David Icke have to do with all of this? Well, Zeitgeist filmmaker Peter Joseph has gone on to found the Zeitgeist Movement which has amassed millions in support of Agenda 21 like cities, called The Venus Project, developed theoretically by futurist Jacque Fresco. The first Zeitgeist film attempted to present the historical Jesus as an actual myth based on astrology and as a copy cat story repeated over and over again in ancient times. This assertion has been roundly and thoroughly debunked but it still perpetuates through people like Jordan Maxwell and David Icke, why? Could it be that there are leaders in the 'Truth Movement' who are intended to draw us in by examining issues we are already drawn to while at the same time lulling us into a spiritual or philosophical mindset that is 'harmonious' with the Luciferian agenda? People would certainly be more easily led and controlled if they all adhered to various religious thought/philosophies that would fall under the umbrella of a NWO religion. Is this what is happening? Remember, the first Zeitgeist film included a powerful 9/11 truth segment, many truthers jumped on board but once they were all on the ship Peter Joseph, the filmmaker, said he was 'distancing himself' from 9/11 truth. Icke still asserts a LOT of the issues we are interested in, 9/11 truth, agenda 21, 5G, and on and on and on, but at the same time he is asserting a spiritual world view which appears to align with what adherents to a global Luciferian religion would want. Is there a deeper reason? Icke debunker Chris White also connects Icke and his channelings and spiritual teachings with Alice Bailey, though Icke himself won't admit such a connection. Please watch the entire Chris White debunking films (below) on Zeitgeist and Icke and follow up with your own research, I'll be doing a lot more shows in this area, it's a field of research which must be examined and exposed, especially with so much deception and so many leading figures who say one thing and seem to represent another...for instance, the Pope!

Lisa Haven

Articles linked from Lisa Haven show on Pope Calls For "Antichrist' AKA a "Supranatural World Leader'

A New World Order Christmas? -- on QMR (Pamela also referred to this show title as Luciferian rather than NWO during today's show)

Pope Says Personal Relationship With Jesus is Dangerous! This article also includes a Papal statement that the United States must be taken over by a world government. Quote from article above: "Last week Pope Francis told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that the United States of America has “a distorted vision of the world” and Americans must be ruled by a world government, as soon as possible, 'for their own good.' "  --- Conclusion -- this Pope is subverting the United States, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

Debunking Climate Change Narrative on QMR --

Frankenskies Director Matt Landman

Show 2 --

Show 1 --

UN, the Pope, and UN Agenda 21 Global Governance -- Wake Up! -- on QMR

Engineering the Weather: Why We MUST Question the Climate Change Narrative -- on QMR

Nestle, Monsanto, & Big Oil Bring You the UN's Agenda 21-- on QMR

Weather as a Militarized Weapon of Mass Destruction - History Channel (Keep in mind that weather harnessed as a military weapon means that climate change -- and that 'crazy weather' can be engineered. This is a History Channel production so it's the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.)

Blavatsky Letter to Gerald Massey, Praising Lucifer and Calling Christians the Enemy of Humanity

Gerald Massey Debunked

Icke Debunked

Zeitgeist Debunked

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Richard Gage and Barbara Honegger Join David Meiswinkle to Discuss a Lawsuit Against the FBI Demanding 9/11 Transparency of Evidence and Accountability to Congress!

L to R David Meiswinkle, JD, Bill Jacoby, Esq., Richard Gage, AIA, Barbara Honegger, MS

L to R David Meiswinkle, JD, Bill Jacoby, Esq., Richard Gage, AIA, Barbara Honegger, MS

Richard Gage, AIA and Barbara Honegger, MS join David Meiswinkle, JD on QMR to discuss the recent Layers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry lawsuit against the FBI as well as other LC911 actions and a variety of related topics including how they draw spiritual strength for the long haul of fighting to bring truth and justice for the crimes of 9/11.

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth) has joined the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Truth (LC911) as plaintiffs in the recent lawsuit, along with certain 9/11 family members.

Richard Gage is President of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Barbara Honegger is a Board Member of the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry and David Meiswinkle is President of the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry. This three historic figures in the 9/11 Truth Movement have served for many years as leaders in the cause for 9/11 Truth.

If you want to support this recent action go to: 

Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry


Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

There are DONATE buttons on both sites for supporting the FBI Lawsuit Action!

Layers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry President and Litigation Director, Along With Family Member Bob Mcllvaine on Lawsuit Against FBI!

R to L: Richard Gage, AIA, Bob Mcllvaine, Mick Harrison, Esq. David Meiswinkle, JD

R to L: Richard Gage, AIA, Bob Mcllvaine, Mick Harrison, Esq. David Meiswinkle, JD

The Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry has joined with Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth as plaintiffs in a lawsuit, along with 9/11 family members including Bob Mcllvain, father of  Bobby Mcllvaine who died in the WTC on 9/11 and who is the namesake of the Bobby Mcllvaine Act. Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry (LC911) President David Meiswinkle, JD joins us today as both guest and host, along with Bob Mcllvaine and Mick Harrision LC911 Litigation Director to discuss the recent lawsuit to compel the FBI to assess and report to congress, as mandated, science, evidence, and witness testimony which has, as yet, been essentially withheld from congress.

As quoted from an article about the lawsuit on the AE911Truth website:

The complaint cites the failure of the FBI and its 9/11 Review Commission to assess key 9/11-related evidence that the FBI can be shown to have had, or been aware of, regarding:

the use of pre-placed explosives to destroy World Trade Center Buildings, 1, 2, and 7; the arrest and investigation of the “High Fivers” observed photographing and celebrating the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11; terrorist financing related the reported Saudi support for the 9/11 hijackers; recovered plane parts, including serial numbers from all three crash locations; video from cameras mounted inside and outside the Pentagon; and cell phone communications from passengers aboard airplanes.

This is evidence relevant to the 9/11 Review Commission’s and the FBI’s compliance with the mandate from Congress, which should have been assessed by the FBI and the 9/11 Review Commission and reported to Congress.


LC911: AE911Truth and Lawyers Committee Announce FBI Lawsuit

Support this legal action by clicking the sidebar DONATE button on the above link!


AE911Truth: FBI Sued for Failure to report Known 9/11 Evidence to Congress

Support this legal action by clicking the SUPPORT THE LAWSUIT button on the above link!

Support the Bobby Mcllvaine Act!


Watch the DC presentation as the lawsuit is served!


Courthouse News Yanks Article for its Woefully Fair and Accurate Coverage of 9/11 Lawsuit!

Original 'yanked' article:

Parents May Lose Custody For Opposing a Sex Change Operation On Their CHILD?


The President of the American College of Pediatrics, Dr. Michelle Cretella, referred to sex change operations in children and the preceding measures therein, saying, "the transition-affirming protocol is child abuse."

Is it possible that a parent in 'the civilized world' could lose custody of a child because he or she is opposed to that child being surgically changed from a male to a female and vice versa? The answer is yes, and it has already happened in Ohio where both parents lost custody of their child for opposing a sex change operation on their teenage daughter! In fact other parents may stand to lose custody of their even younger children. A father in Texas has been threatened by the courts and has been banished from teaching his son his own religious beliefs about sexuality. Whaaat? That's right, and he may lose custody of his son if he opposes chemical castration on his son by the time he reaches the ripe old age of eight years old and ultimiately a full fledged sex change operation! But that's not all, he may have to pay for the sexual mutilation of his child! He could even lose custody for referring to the child as a 'he' or a 'boy'. What is happening here? Who is behind these core changes in the rights of parents. Who profits from these trends and changes in the legal status of parental authority and in the clear violations of First Amendment Rights of parents and their normal and self evidently entitled communications with their own children? Most importantly, if parents cannot decide on these matters then who has taken charge of our children? Like a thief in the night another force has entered the core realm of family and is gradually, surreptitiously taking control of our children, at every level! Do we really want a country where the state controls our children over parents? Do we want that kind of dictatorship? Can a free society exist under such conditions? Obviously not! Listen to today's show to find out precisely what is happening and what people, what families, what parents are doing to fight it, and JOIN THEM!


Ohio Parents Lose Custody of Teen For Opposing Sex Change Operation

Save James Our Story

Save James Actions

Help Save James

All About James

Prayers For James

Videos of James

Article About James

The 'Genecis Clinic' Geared to Change James' Sex Based on His Mother's Desire and In Spite of His Father's Opposition

Best For Children - Now American College of Pediatricians Dr. Michelle Cretella President

California's AB 2119 Forces Puberty Blocking Drugs/Sex Change Operations on Foster Kids

Dr. Michelle Cretella, President of the American College of Pediatrics on Transgender/Medical Agenda to Sexually Change Children: "Mental Illness is not a civil right!"

Top Pediatrician Says Sex Change Operations on Children Are Child Abuse - Dr. Michelle Cretella

I Want My Sex Back! An Excellent RT Documentary About People Who've Had Sex Change Operations and Changed Their Minds!

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An 'Abortion Industry'?

Graphic art by pamela senzee ©

Graphic art by pamela senzee ©

Is there an actual 'abortion industry'? The short answer is one could call it that, the long answer is that abortion is involved in the taste testing procedures of creating certain food and drink products via embryonic kidney stem cells known as HEK 293, aborted fetal stem cell proteins are in certain facial creams, and the organs and body parts of aborted embryos and fetuses have been sold to buyers representing fields of research which may be violating our common ethics, we can’t be certain because so far as we can tell, thus far, the transparency for such research appears to be vague. But that's not all, representatives of Planned Parenthood have been exposed on film discussing fetal organ sales as well as what appear to be illegal procedures used to obtain them (links to videos below).

Does social engineering play a part in exponential growth of what could be termed the 'abortion industry'? Are our youth being sexualized through the media and even in schools via intensive sex education programs which introduce concepts like the use of sex toys to 12 year olds and masturbation to 5 year olds? Would such ‘sex education ‘ methods play a role in creating a promiscuous society that easily turns to abortion as a 'solution'? Is there a connection?

Another piece of this strange puzzle is that Planned Parenthood has been repeatedly caught essentially protecting sex offenders by taking their money, performing abortions on minors brought in by a step father or foster father who were later discovered to be raping the teen, yet Planned Parenthood did nothing to report what should have alerted suspicious circumstances, in some cases returning the youth repeatedly, after repeated abortions, to her offender (court documents revealed in a link below).

Something is happening and we as a society need to know about it. A relationship with abortion and food? Abortion and facial creams? What many would say are nhumane and illegal practices through Planned Parenthood? Is abortion actually part of a larger design?

What about discoveries in the realm of psychology termed ‘prenatal trauma? Is there consciousness in the womb? Is a fetus, even an embryo actually conscious? As a society we may need to re-think abortion...seriously!

Lists of Products Involving HEK (Human Embryonic Kidney) 293

OK Congressman introduces Bill to stop human research and tesing in foods as well as potential use of embryonic material in foods

HEK 293 Reports: 

Undercover Shock Videos of Members of Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Organs and Tissue:

Planned Parenthood’s apparent “Don’t ask don’t tell.” policy — how child traffickers and sex offenders may be able to pay for abortions for their minor aged victims, even repeatedly, and get away with it.

Govt Abortion Organ Trafficking?

Field of psychology which deals with prenatal trauma

Sexualizing children -- is there a connection? Creating a perverse, promiscuous society which easily opts for abortions?

CA Sex Education Curriculum  

Amended CA /bill/law Amended by REMOVING crucial information about child trafficking?

Transgender Agenda -- Sex Change Procedures on Children While Seizing Parental Rights From Parents

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~ In Memoriam ~ Mat Stein Author of the Books - When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability & Surviving the Long Emergency and When Disaster Strikes


This is an encore episode in memoriam of Mat Stein who sadly passed away a few days ago. We are so grateful Mat was able to join us on Quantum Matrix Radio to share his wisdom, knowledge and spiritual insights into a world undergoing tremendous change and challenge. Bless your soul Mat as you now enter the world of the Great Beyond, our prayers are with you!

As written from our show with Mat:

Mat Stein is a bestselling author, engineer, designer, and green builder. Stein is a National Merit Scholar, a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he majored in Mechanical Engineering, and recipient of the “Straight T Award,” MIT’s highest athletic honor. Today, Mat owns and operates Stein Design and Construction, providing product design services, engineering analysis, and green building.

Mr. Stein has appeared on numerous radio and television programs and is a repeat guest on Fox News, MSNBC, Gary Null, Coast-to-Coast AM, Alex Jones, and the Thom Hartmann Show. He has also written several articles on the subject of sustainable living and is a guest columnist for the Huffington Post.

He is the author of When Technology Fails: A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability & Surviving the Long Emergency and When Disaster Strikes. Mat Stein joins our host, attorney David Meiswinkle, on today's show to discuss our need to prepare for the worst and just how to do it!

Mat Stein's Websites:

Get Mat's Books!

Mat Stein

Stein Design

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Peter Phillips on His Book Giants: the Global Power Elite!

Phillips (2).jpg

Peter Phillips, a professor of political sociology at Sonoma State University, was the director of Project Censored from 1996-2010, and the president of Media Freedom Foundation from 2003-2017.  He has edited fourteen editions of Censored, two editions of Progressive Guide to Alternative Media and Activism.  He was a co-host of the weekly Project Censored show on Pacifica Radio with Mickey Huff from 2010-2017. He has won numerous book and media awards. He is here to discuss his latest book Giants: The Global Power Elite. Purchase Giants at Project Censored

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President of Lawyers Committee for 9-11 Inquiry David Meiswinkle, JD: the Petition for a Grand Jury Investigation into 9/11 is Going to the Next Level!

David Meiswinkle, JD at the 9/11 Memorial Museum in Trenton, NJ

David Meiswinkle, JD at the 9/11 Memorial Museum in Trenton, NJ

The Lawyers Committee for 9-11 Inquiry has received a response from the Attorney General of the Southern District of NY! Learn all about it on today's show with the President of the Lawyers Committee for 9-11 Inquiry, our very own David Meiswinkle!

The Petition

SUPPORT the Attorneys!

David Meiswinkle, JD has been a licensed attorney in NJ since 1989, and a practicing criminal defense attorney for over a decade. He is currently serving as President of the Lawyers Committee for 9-11 Inquiry, a non-profit organization dedicated to transparency and accountability in government, and the creation and submission of a Grand Jury Petition concerning the crimes of 9/11 to the United States Attorney. On April 10th 2018, on behalf of the Lawyers Committee for 9-11 Inquiry, David, along with Julio Gomez, JD (a Lawyers for 9-11 Inquiry Board Member) and 9-11 family member activist Bob Mcllvaine, submitted a 9-11 Grand Jury Petition concerning the crimes of 9-11 at the World Trade Center, to the U.S. Attorney General of the Southern District of NY. David worked directly on the creation of this 9-11 Petition for a Grand Jury. He is a retired police officer of 23 years, and a United States Army veteran who was stationed in Germany where he worked with Pershing nuclear missiles in a top secret area. As a police officer David founded a community newspaper and the Taxpayers and Tenants Association both of which exposed local political corruption. His exposes’ led to federal indictments of powerful local officials. In 2009 Meiswinkle ran as an independent against Chris Christie for Governor. He was the only candidate who spoke about the need for a new 9/11 investigation, highlighting the nexus of jurisdiction for 9/11 in New Jersey. In 2010 he ran as an independent for Congress against Chris Smith, again exposing the need for a new 9/11 investigation. David is President of New Jersey 911 Aware, a non-profit organization which serves to educate the public about the core scientific truths and forensic evidence of 9/11 which conflict with the official narrative. NJ911Aware also explores the science and evidence of other key issues of our time. In 2013 he developed a submitted a notarized complaint to the State Committee of Investigation concerning 9/11, and forwarded this complaint to all New Jersey legislators, the county prosecutors, the State Attorney General, and Governor of New Jersey. He was also a legal panelist at the 9/11 Justice in Focus Conference of 2016 which featured legal dignitaries such as Dr. William Pepper, Danny Sheehan, the late Judge Imposimato who exposed Operation Gladio in Italy as well as openly challenging the official narrative for 9/11 and became an honorary Supreme Court Justice of the Italian judicial system, and former Attorney General Ramsey Clark who made an appearance by phone just to be certain he made his presence, and his support for the conference known! David is co-founder of Quantum Matrix Alternative Media, LLC and of Quantum Matrix Radio, a radio show, 5 years in the running, which he frequently hosts and which broadcasts on No Lies Radio an online Pacific broadcaster. Quantum Matrix Radio explores the grave truth about 9/11 and the post 9/11 world while also revealing viable solutions to the current world problems which include: revealing alternative healing modalities, suppressed energy solutions, suppressed inventions, consciousness raising modalities, the application of quantum physics and related sciences to changing the current world paradigm, and more. In 2015, joined by his QMA Media & QMR business partner, author Pamela Senzee, he walked 440 miles encompassing the sites of the crimes of 9/11. They walked for 48 days beginning in the Shanksville area walking towards DC and the Pentagon, then from DC to NYC, closing their historic trek at the 9/11 Survivors Tree located at the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero. They took their journey in memory of the 9/11 victims, in solidarity with the 9/11 family members, for the restoration of our Constitution, for an end to the 9/11 wars, and for the creation of a better society. As co-directors they are making the film, Truth Walk, a documentary account of the trek, an expose on 9/11, and a film which also explores the current world condition and offers solutions to the post 9/11 paradigm. “Truth Walk”: Part 1 can be viewed on the Quantum Matrix Radio website. 

Quantum Matrix Radio is hosted by criminal defense attorney David Meiswinkle and author Pamela Senzee

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The California Fires - Citizens Report Bizarre Anomalies, and Damage Path Maps Matching Agenda 21 Immanent Domain Maps

Homes, in California fires damage path, leveled yet surrounded by lush trees  This photo is used for educational purposes under Fair Use Law

Homes, in California fires damage path, leveled yet surrounded by lush trees

This photo is used for educational purposes under Fair Use Law

A car in Santa Rosa fairly melted into the pavement, yet is surrounded by asphalt and greenery  This photo is used for educational purposes under Fair Use Law

A car in Santa Rosa fairly melted into the pavement, yet is surrounded by asphalt and greenery

This photo is used for educational purposes under Fair Use Law

A California fire damage path map sharply correlates to an Agenda 21 high speed rail map  This photo is used for educational purposes under Fair Use Law

A California fire damage path map sharply correlates to an Agenda 21 high speed rail map

This photo is used for educational purposes under Fair Use Law

Fires have ravaged Malibu, California, the town of Paradise is gone, tens of thousands have been displaced, dozens have died, what is happening? Just as with the fires in Northern California, citizens are reporting strange anomalies in these fires and in their damage path. Many fires appear to be targeted, leaving the surrounding area untouched, even trees remain lush and full in numerous cases. Homes and other structures are burnt to the ground, to the foundation, taking much material with it that normally remains standing after a fire. Nearly everything gone, and rather than black soot we often see a grey ash white, again and again. People have reported seeing blue lights flashing in the sky as well as beams coming down. As with 9/11, citizens are reporting that what they witnessed does not jibe with official accounts and some are saying directed energy is being used to bring structures down in California. If true, then why? Other citizen reporters have uncovered an eerie alignment with evacuation and fire damage maps which coincide with development maps for Agenda 21. One of the goals for United Nations Agenda 21, now Agenda 2030 or The UN New Millennium Development Goals (there is also an Agenda 2040 and Agenda 2050 'the business model') is to develop 'regions' which take the place of cities and even states, where the vast majority of people would live, while having massive areas of land which would be unavailable for 'human habitation'. But there's a problem to this plan -- human's already live on much of the land identified for other uses, or on land pigeon holed for 'development' which doesn't include the existing 'habituation'. Hence, some believe Americans are being burned off of their land and out of their homes. Imminent domain by fire. Is it possible? We'll explore the evidence on today's episode of Quantum Matrix Radio.

Matching Agenda 21 Depopulation Maps to Fire Path Maps

Burn Path Map Matches Agenda 21 High Speed Rail Map:

The Plan to Burn Up Northern California - Deborah Tavares

Deborah Tavares - Presentation Agenda 21 Climate Action Plan

Citizen Reports of Blue Flashes, Blue Lights, Blue Beams, Blue Lightening -

Also Reports of Strange Winds - Tree Burning From Inside out

More on Trees Burning From Inside Out & Relationship to Aluminum From Spraying Operations

Highly Decorated Fire Captain John Lord - DEW

Behind the Green Mask - Rosa Koire, Founder of Democrats Against Agenda 21

The Directed Energy Weaponry Industry - 

DSIAC Defense Systems Information Analysis Center - Directed Energy


Lockheed Martin: and 


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Scientist Illegally Jailed For Refusing to Refute Documentation Revealing the Dangers of Vaccines - Dr. Judy Mikovits and the Book ~ Plague!


Dr. Judy A. Mikovits earned a BA in Chemistry with a specialization in biology from the University of Virginia in 1980 and a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology from George Washington University in 1992.

Upon graduation from UVA, she went directly to the National Cancer Institute in Frederick Maryland where she developed purification methods for Interferon alpha. It was this Interferon which was used in the first immune therapy treatment for hairy cell leukemia in 1986.  In 1986-7, prior to enrolling in graduate school. she went to Upjohn Pharmaceuticals in Kalamazoo Michigan to develop production methods to insure biological materials manufactured using human blood products were free of contamination from HIV-1.  Her PhD thesis defense entitled  “Negative Regulation of HIV Expression in Monocytes” changed the paradigm for therapeutic treatment of HIV. For this work, she was awarded the graduate student of the year in 1991.  In her thirty-five-year quest to understand and develop therapies for chronic diseases, she has co-authored seminal papers culminating at least a decade of research in each of four fields: immunology, natural products chemistry, epigenetics, and HIV/AIDs drug development.  

In 2006, Dr.  Mikovits became attracted to the plight of families with neuroimmune diseases including ME/CFS and Autism and was primarily responsible for demonstrating the relationship between environmentally acquired immune dysfunction, chronic inflammation and these diseases. Her pioneering work during a twenty year career at the National Cancer Institute includes the discovery of the modulation of DNA Methylation machinery by human retro viral infection and the development of the concept of inflammatory cytokines and chemokine signatures of infection and disease, which was first published in 1999, when Dr. Mikovits directed the Laboratory of Antiviral Drug Mechanisms in developing therapeutics and diagnostics for HIV/AIDS and AIDS associated malignancies. Therapies which are still standard of care twenty five years later and credited with saving millions of deaths from HIV/AIDS. In 2001, she moved back to industry where she directed the Cancer Biology program of EpiGenX Pharmaceuticals.  

The company focused on the development multiplex diagnostic epigenetic and proteomics expression technologies for the prediction of Immune Related Adverse Events to chemotherapy in susceptible populations. In 2006 she co-founded and developed the first neuroimmune research institute dedicated to understanding the pathophysiology of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and related illnesses. In five short years, she won more than 6 million dollars of NIH/DOD competitive funding in grants and contracts for this program. In 2009, Drs. Ruscetti and Mikovits' labs isolated for the first time a new family of human retroviruses then identified as XMRV. In 2012 it was learned XMRV was a contaminant of the Silverman lab and the XMRVs isolated were a new human exogenous and transmissible retrovirus family, which are strongly associated with neuroimmune disease and cancer.  This new family of pathogenic human retroviruses is now called HGRV.  Dr. Mikovits has co-authored more than 50 peer reviewed publications and book chapters and the book Plague: One Scientist’s Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, and Other Diseases.

Dr. Judy Mikovits' site: 

On July 22, 2009, a special meeting was held with twenty-four leading scientists at the National Institutes of Health to discuss early findings that a newly discovered retrovirus was linked to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), prostate cancer, lymphoma, and eventually neurodevelopmental disorders in children.

When Dr. Judy Mikovits finished her presentation the room was silent for a moment, then one of the scientists said, “Oh my God!” The resulting investigation would be like no other in science. 

For Dr. Mikovits, a twenty-year veteran of the National Cancer Institute, this was the midpoint of a five-year journey that would start with the founding of the Whittemore-Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease at the University of Nevada, Reno, and end with her as a witness for the federal government against her former employer, Harvey Whittemore, for Illegal campaign contributions to U. S. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid.

On this journey Dr. Mikovits would face the scientific prejudices against CFS, wander into the minefield that is autism, and through it all struggle to maintain her faith in God and the profession to which she had dedicated her life. This is a story for anybody interested in the peril and promise of science at the very highest levels in our country."

The "Oh my God" moment took place at this invitation only meeting, among distinguished scientists:


Research Links:

Save Our Science!

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MK Ultra Survivor and Official Whistleblower Cathy O'Brien - PTSD: Time to Heal!

QuantumCathyPhoto (2).JPG

9/11, false flags, deep state tactics, covert operations which affect each of us, are we all traumatized to varying degrees? Author Cathy O'Brien who wrote two books with her life partner and soul mate the late Mark Phillips, has written a book which concisely reveals the methods which Mark, a former intelligence insider who rescued Cathy and her daughter Kelley from a covert government operation known as MK Ultra, taught Cathy how to apply in her own life, resulting in her ultimate healing from mind control. Rather than making any medical recommendation whatsoever, Cathy speaks and writes from personal experience. Is it possible that anyone can apply these methods and experience effective results? So far as we at Quantum Matrix Radio are concerned, it is worth a try!

Learn more & purchase all of Cathy and Mark's books:

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Ken Rohla: Techniques to Unplug From the Social Engineering Paradigm to Liberate Ourselves and the Suppressed Free Energy Technologies That Can Save Mankind


"There are some very interesting direct correlations between consciousness and free energy because the kind of energy that creates free energy is also the energy of consciousness." Ken Rohla

Ken Rohla is back on Quantum Matrix Radio to discuss scalar wave technologies, free energy, reverse engineered technologies, and healing and consciousness raising modalities that can free us from what could be referred to as the 'MK Ultra social engineering matrix' which we have been raised in as a collective society and which now includes numerous energy influences such as cell phones, cell towers, smart meters and so forth. As we liberate our consciousness we can, and will, ultimately liberate the suppressed technologies which can save mankind and the planet! Some suppressed technologies are suppressed only from the public, while being used in covert and military applications. Its time we recognize the solutions to mankind's greatest challenges are in free energy, and variations therein, these technologies already exist and could be further developed and mass produced. Yet, in order to change the current wealth/scarcity engineered paradigm and bring forth the technological solutions the elite don't want you to know about, we may have to change something else first - ourselves, we may have to wake up from the social programming we've been subject to all our lives, which keep us polarized, and begin to face the truth that - the solutions are already here if we are willing to embrace the responsibility for their stewardship and development - and for our own inner development as well.

Ken Rohla is a natural health educator and inventor from New Smyrna Beach, Florida, specializing in rejuvenation and cellular regeneration using raw and sprouted vegetarian food, herbs, food-based natural supplements, detoxification, emotional healing, reprogramming of limiting unconscious beliefs, ancient esoteric techniques, and cutting-edge science. Formally educated in electrical engineering and computer science, Ken worked for 23 years in the medical industry, from the patient level drawing blood in hospital emergency rooms, to the national policy level, showing health care executives how to implement technology, as computer operations manager for the North Carolina Hospital Association. In 1993, at the age of 32, Ken was first exposed to natural healing in a search to cure severe hypoglycemia and other health problems he had acquired from a lifetime of poor diet and lifestyle. Eight years and many thousands of dollars later, after trying just about every diet, product, potion, and pill available, Ken found permanent success with living food nutrition and detoxification. After repeated requests from friends to share what he had learned, he began teaching workshops on detoxification and rejuvenation in 2003, and demand for his services exploded.

A cutting-edge researcher, Ken has studied with many pioneers in the sciences and natural health movement, including Gabriel Cousens, Brian and Anna Maria Clement, Viktoras Kulvinskas, David Wolfe, Brenda Cobb, Dean Martens, Dr. Robert Morse, Dr. Michael Epitropoulos, Linda Sheer, and many others. In 2005, Ken became certified as a natural health educator by Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, and has been a guest lecturer there. Ken has been honored to work with Coretta Scott King, wife of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Currently Ken's focus is developing natural solutions for the new severe threats to our health, including nuclear radiation, chemtrails, genetically modified foods and microorganisms, electromagnetic pollution, nanotechnology, biowarfare agents, depleted food, and other issues. 

Purchase products and learn more on Ken's site:

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Frankenskies Director Matt Landman: Solutions in the Midst of Global Geoengineering and Much More!

QuantumMattSky (2).jpg

Matt Landman grew up on the East Coast and relocated to California in 2003 where he worked in Finance and studied film at California State University of Humboldt and earned a Masters degree in Business Administration with a focus in Strategic Sustainability in 2010. After various careers in business and finance, Matt left the corporate world to be an organic farmer where he inadvertently began his career as an activist. Working outdoors and dependent upon the elements, Matt witnessed weather engineering in Northern California as the region suffered from a historic and catastrophic drought. The realization that the weather was being manipulated via atmospheric aerosol dispersal changed Matt’s life forever as he inevitably decided to devote his existence to exposing the hidden agenda. He is director of the film Frankenskies, a film about the Solar Geongineering Governance Regime and it can be viewed at and is also available on YouTube. He is also the founder of Actual Activist at He joins us here today to discuss what is happening in our skies, what it means, the relationship of geoengineering to the California fires, and the focus of his new film (in the making), as well as solutions to the personal, health, and spiritual challenges we face in a world subject to weather engineering as a covert operation and how we can most effectively educate others about a world event, that of geoengineering and it's multi-faceted layers, which has been in various stages of operation for decades, yet which the mainstream media has censured from public awareness.

Matt's Sites:

This episode of Quantum Matrix Radio is hosted by criminal defense attorney David Meiswinkle and author Pamela Senzee

QMR music is used with permission by Captain Squeegee

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Sander Hicks on the 17th Anniversary of 9/11, the Purge of Free Speech on the Web and More!


Sander Hicks is an investigator, a journalist, and the only 9/11 truth author awarded a certificate of honor by a state senator for his 9/11 investigative research, he is an award winning entrepreneur and ran for congress in New York's 12th District including the need for a new investigation into 9/11 in his campaign. He's here with us today to discuss the online purge of both Alex Jones and Bonnie Faulkner, as well as other pertinent issues of our time.

Sander's sites: 

Quantum Matrix Radio is hosted by criminal defense attorney David Meiswinkle and author Pamela Senzee

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