Les Jamieson: Declassify the TRUTH!

Les Jamieson is here with us today to address the 28 redacted pages from the 9/11 Congressional Inquiry of 2002, implicating Saudi financing (as well as other nations) of the alledged 9/11 terrorists.

Jamieson has studied the alternative research into 9/11 since November, 2001. He has been extremely active in the 9/11 truth movement since January of 2004, spending every Saturday through 2008 at Ground Zero doing public outreach and education as well as many other locations throughout New York City, handing out literature and informing people from all over the world about the discrepancies in the official 9/11 story. During this time Les attended two of the four 9/11 Commission hearings, and five hearings by the NIST investigation into why the buildings collapsed, which has given him an up close realization of the depth and scope of the official cover-up. Les has been central in planning large 9/11 symposiums every year around the country and especially here in New York City. Since May of 2014, Les has led many outreach actions at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, distributing the alternative museum guide published by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Since October 2015 Les has spearheaded an effort to generate grassroots support for legislation to release the 28 pages from the Congressional Joint Inquiry on 9/11. Most recently, Les organized an all-day symposium in NY City on Sept. 12th called "Declassify the Truth - 9/11 Transparency On the Rise".

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Sign the petition: http://diy.rootsaction.org/petitions/tell-congress-end-secrecy-on-9-11-declassify-the-28-pages