Danny Torgersen: "The Omega Seed"

Band leader of the renown "atomic jazz fusion" sound and visual extravaganza machine known as Captain Squeegee*, Danny Torgersen spends an hour and a half with us today, philosophically exploring the issues of today from the perspective of an eclectic and gifted artist who writes and performs with a satirical, humorous, insightful, in your face, and from the heart honesty.

Torgersen points out that the concept of "the Omega Seed" is key to understanding a path toward changing the paradigm. The Omega Seed, conceptualized by Arizona's Paolo Soleri, refers to, in its essence, the bridge between matter and spirit, the bridge being that drive within which creatively compels the human spirit forward...and when we walk this bridge we walk toward a changed paradigm.

Danny's creative work can be explored at:



*Captain Squeegee's song, Shift Happens, written by Danny Torgersen, is gratefully used as the theme song for Quantum Matrix Radio.