A New World Order Christmas?

(Air date on No Lies Radio - 12/7/15) Are you aware that the organization in charge of the United Nations New Millennium Goals also has a stated goal for the creation of a “world religion”? That’s right, and from their own website they have announced:

“Today, slowly, the concept of a world religion and the need for its emergence are widely desired and worked for. The fusion of faiths is now a field of discussion. Workers in the field of religion will formulate the universal platform of the new world religion. It is a work of loving synthesis and will emphasize the unity and the fellowship of the spirit. This group is, in a pronounced sense, a channel for the activities of the Christ, the world Teacher. The platform of the new world religion will be built by many groups, working under the inspiration of the Christ.”

And whose “Christ” are they speaking of? Well, this is a “Luciferian Christ” folks, being jockeyed into place by none other than Lucifer Trust, their name since changed to “Lucis Trust” in order to protect the guilty. That’s right and get this…here’s another quote straight from the pale horse’s mouth:

"There will be three such major Festivals each year, concentrated in three consecutive months and leading, therefore, to a prolonged annual spiritual effort which will affect the remainder of the year. These will be:

  1. The Festival of Easter. This is the Festival of the risen living Christ, the Teacher of all men and the Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy. He is the Expression of the love of God. On this day the spiritual Hierarchy, which He guides and directs, will be recognized and the nature of God's love will be emphasized. This Festival is determined always by the date of the Full Moon of spring and is the great Western and Christian Festival.

  2. The Festival of Wesak. This is the Festival of the Buddha, the spiritual Intermediary between the highest spiritual center, ShambalIa, and the Hierarchy. The Buddha is the expression of the wisdom of God, the Embodiment of Light and the Indicator of the divine purpose. This will be fixed annually in relation to the Full Moon of May, as is at present the case. It is the great Eastern Festival.

  3. The Festival of Goodwill. This will be the Festival of the spirit of humanity--aspiring towards God, seeking conformity with the will of God and dedicated to the expression of right human relations. This will be fixed annually in relation to the Full Moon of June. It will be a day whereon the spiritual and divine nature of mankind will be recognized. On this Festival for two thousand years the Christ has represented humanity and has stood before the Hierarchy and in the sight of Shamballa as the God-Man, the leader of His people and the "the Eldest in a great family of brothers" (Romans VIII:29). Each year at that time He has preached the last sermon of the Buddha, before the assembled Hierarchy. This will, therefore, be a festival of deep invocation and appeal, of a basic aspiration towards fellowship, of human and spiritual unity, and will represent the effect in the human consciousness of the work of the Buddha and of the Christ.

These three Festivals are a part of the unified spiritual Approach of humanity, although they are not as yet related to each other. The time is coming when all three Festivals will be kept throughout the world and by their means a great spiritual unity will be achieved and the effects of the Great Approach, so close to us at this time, will be stabilized by the united invocation of humanity throughout the planet." From the Lucis Trust/ World Goodwill website on "The New World Religion" (link below)

Are you creeped out yet? Are you drenched in the hubris of it all? Don’t go away, it get’s better. Today’s show, with host Pamela Senzee, will raise the hair on your head, make your skin crawl, and hopefully, get you pissed off enough to openly oppose their chilling plans. So sit back, get a hot cup of cocoa, get those comfy Xmas slippers on, turn up the speakers and find out what is being planned for a New World Order Christmas, you won't believe your elf ears!

Lucis (Lucifer) Trust: The New World Religion This organization under World Goodwill is in charge of the U.N. New Millinium Development Goals including Agenda 21/Agenda 2030 https://www.lucistrust.org/worldgoodwill/keyconcepts/thenewworld_religion1

* Wikipedia on Horus* Luciferians attempt to present Jesus and Horus as essentially the same/ also Mary and Isis as essentially the same https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horus

Externalization of the Hierarchy by Alice Bailey (Luciferian Theosophist)


The "Great Invocation" *Bailey notes at the end of the page:

"The Christ Himself used the Great Invocation for the first time in June 1945."

So apparenly...while you and I seek to know God within, these luciferians have Jesus' speaking schedule at their disposal, fancy that! https://www.lucistrust.org/thegreatinvocation/history_1

Bill Cooper 9/1/2001 Broadcast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YtT5mWtSmkk