A History of the "Terror of Oligarchy" and the Courage to Change the Age We Live In

On today's show David and Pam interview two longstanding activists, political candidates, and historical researchers with the LaRouch movement. We'll explore the historic background of the global war on terror, asking the question, "Is it really what the mainstream media presents it as?"

In the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr., a favorite heroic figure among adherents to LaRouch politics, we'll dig more deeply into the economic sources of the current oligarchical/terror system and look toward genuine solutions necessary to bring about the change necessary to transform the current paradigm.

Elliot Greenspan has degrees in History and Urban Education. He has run for Governor of New Jersey in Democratic Party primaries in 1985 and 2001. In addition, he challenged Bill Bradley for US Senate in 1984, ran for Congress several times, and coordinated hundreds of LaRouche Democratic campaigns from school board, NJ state legislature, and Congress since the 1970's.

He is now leading the LaRouche organizing in New Jersey, and in the NYC Manhattan Project of reviving the outlook of Alexander Hamilton and the American System of Physical Economy.

Diane Sare campaigned as a 2013 independent candidate for New Jersey governor against Chris Christy, and last year as an independent for a U.S. Congressional seat. Key to her political platform has been restoration of the Glass-Steagall Act, and the missing 28 pages of the Congressional record on 9/11 – which we will talk about today. She is is a leading member of the LaRouche PAC Policy Committee, a musician, trained at the New England Conservatory, and an activist who has arranged economic policy seminars involving UN diplomats in New York; she also organized a Voting Rights Act case on behalf of Louisiana voters.