Dr. David Ray Griffin

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Dr. David Ray Griffin's latest book Unprecedented: Can Civilization Survive the Co2 Crisis will be the subject of our disccussion on this show. Dr. Griffin wrote this book in order to expose the fuel industry's monopoly on stemming awareness about the CO2 crisis by way of a product they refer to as "doubt", yes, that's right! Doubt! So long as a public can be made to doubt there is any crisis at all, then profits can soar! Dr. Griffin also reveals that clean energy is globally viable as an energy source, anywhere in the world!

During the second half, Quantum Matrix Radio co-hosts, Pam and David, discuss a variety of related issue including geoengineering and solar radiation management (chemtrails), HAARP technologies, Nikola Tesla, and weaponizing the weather via technologies which may already be under military development.

David Ray Griffin, PhD is a retired American professor of philosophy of religion and theology, and a political writer. Along with John B. Cobb, Jr., he founded the Center for Process Studies in 1973, a research center of Claremont School of Theology which seeks to promote the common good by means of the relational approach found in process thought.Griffin has published a number of books on the subject of the September 11 attacks, his books are considered an academic presentation of preeminent research challenging the official report on 9/11. He is also co-founder of the 9/11 Consensus Panel.

Having served as co-director of the Center for Process Studies, he is one of the foremost contemporary exponents of process theology, founded on the process philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne.