9/11 Family Member Bob Mcllvaine, "No Turning Back!"

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Bob Mcllvaine is a former history teacher from Pennsylvania. His son Bobby, graduated from Princeton University and became assistant vice president in media relations for Merrill Lynch and worked in the WTC complex where, on 9/11, Bobby died with the nearly 3000 other people who died on that tragic day. Bobby’s body is the only one from the WTC deaths to have had a full autopsy and the results leave us with far more questions than they answer, they point not only to death by explosive’s rather than a building collapse but also to death in the lobby before the plane hit.

There were numerous reports of injury, death and explosions in the lobbies as well as the lower basements, before the first plane hit. This could not have been brought about by a plane crash on the upper floors of two of the world’s tallest skyscrapers.

Bobby’s father Bob Mcllvaine became an activist with Nobel Prize nominee [September Eleventh Families for Peaceful Tomorrows][2] and later expanded as a truth activist representing a broad spectrum in the truth movement, Bob is one of the family members who attended every 9/11 Commission hearing as well as numerous 9/11 Truth conferences around the world. He has appeared in several TV, radio and newspaper interviews, as well as the documentary [9/11: Press For Truth][3], and commercial TV spots on behalf of [BuildingWhat.org][4], calling attention to the mysterious collapse of a third WTC Tower which was not hit by an airplane, WTC Building 7.

From the [NYC Can ballot initiative][5] for a new investigation to the expert organization of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. He has spoken at numerous events, been featured in a number of films such as architect Richard Gage’s film, number one on PBS in 2012, [9/11:Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out][6], the film about the family members profound challenge to press for an investigation 9/11: Press for Truth, Italian film director, Giulietto Chiesa’s [Zero: an Investigation into 9/11][7], and Japanese film director Massimo Mazzucco’s latest film, [September Eleventh: a New Pearl Harbor][8], as well as others, and Mr. Mcllvaine has presented the hard science and forensic evidence which contests the official account for 9/11, along with expert Tony Szamboti, on Geraldo Rivera’s show, [Geraldo at Large][9].

Robert Mcllvaine joins us to speak about his son Bobby, as well as an account of the grave implication’s of Bobby's death, autopsy, and the serious questions as yet unanswered about the true cause of the destruction of the three WTC Towers which came down on 9/11

Bob Mcllvaine will be speaking with [Cindy Sheehan][10] at the [Spring Rising][11] event in Washington DC on March 18th - 21st