Dr. Rick Staggenborg: From Military Psychiatrist to Soldier For Peace! 1 & 2

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Dr. Rick Staggenborg is a retired military psychiatrist who holds a doctorate in psychiatric medicine as well as a BS in biology and psychology.

He ran for U.S. senator in his home state of Oregon and is considering another run for U.S. senate in 2016! His focus is on getting corporate money OUT of politics!

Dr. Staggenborg is the founder of Soldiers for Peace International, an anarchical organization founded for the purpose of building a movement of individually motivated peacemakers aimed toward stopping the juggernaut of wars generated for the hidden purpose of corporate profit. Learn more at soldiersforpeaceinternational.org

He is the board president of Human Rights Advocates of Coos County

Has founded and hosted two successful radio shows, Soldiers for Peace International Radio and his current show Take Back America which can be heard every Saturday on the Star Com Radio Network…

He is a regular guest on Press TV

He is also the author of STOP THE MADNESS an online book available AT takebackamericaforthepeople.blogspot.com a MUST READ collection of essays intended for anyone who genuinely WANTS to change the world paradigm….we’ll discuss, in particular, Chapter 77 THE TECTONIC PARADIGM SHIFT!

He’s here with us to speak on the mental health of American society, the current national and global paradigm, 9/11, a post 9/11 world, the Palestinian issue, Nafta and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, changing the national and global paradigm, quantum physics and more!