The Georgia Guidestones and the NWO: Let's Make 2016 the Year of Externalizing the Hidden

Dave and Pam discuss their visit, during the holidays, to the infamous Georgia Guidestones. What do these "stone tablets" in the form of "ten commandments" for mankind, which include a population reduction of 6.5 billion, actually mean? Who erected them and why do they require anonymity? We'll discuss these questions and much more concerning the so called "new world order".

The Georgia Guidestones will be featured in our film documentary Truth Walk: The Movie. You can support the film at our home page here at: Links: Naomi Wolf Exposes Fake News, False Flags Funders Network For Smart Growth ("smart growth is an aspect of Agenda 21/2030) Note the Turner Foundation is a funder, Ted Turner is suspected of involvement with the Georgia Guidestones, he is also one of the world's largest land-owners and supports population reduction. Agenda 21 advocates a global form of immanent domain in the name of global warming, while omitting the truth about chemtrail spraying operations and weather system control technologies. "Smart Growth technologies are known to cause cancer by way of profound radiation exposure. See: for more info.