Dennis Speed: The Science and Political Science of New Paradigms

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Dennis Speed is a veteran political organizer and a senior member of the LaRouche Political Action Committee in New York and New Jersey, having served the organization for some 45 years.

He worked on the ground floor of the development of the Fusion Energy Foundation an organization founded in 1974 for the purpose of educating the public about the remarkable benefits of fusion as opposed to fission energy. During this show Dennis expounds on the suppressed truths, so far as the mainstream media are concerns, about nuclear fusion energy, an energy resource - the science of which is already in place which, according to Mr. Speed, can recycle our current nuclear waste, in other words depleted uranium, and use this waste, safely, as a recycled energy fuel.

Dennis Speed has written extensively for Executive Intelligence Review. His background is in history, philosophy and political science.

Our discussion for this show is focused on envisioning a better world and the practical applications of bringing about the new paradigm.

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