Healing from MK Ultra Ritual Abuse: a Wisdom Circle With Survivor Kathleen Collins

Kathleen Collins is a Life Coach and Energy Balancing Healer, she is the founder of Positive Shifting and has considerable experience on both sides of the healing spectrum. Her own healing path has grown under the likes of Erik Thorton and Tony Robbins, everything from energy healing to fire walking....and Kathleen has done a fire walk, in more ways than one.

She is an MK Ultra satanic ritual abuse survivor and while the easy expectation for this show is to hear all of the horrors of victims of such abuse, sit back and get ready to hear about a most powerful and inspiring story of healing.

If you've been wondering if there is hope for mankind, go get a cup of coffee or herbal tea and prepare to have your world view changed!

"Call on the Light Within" is by Guru Ganesha Singh and Snatam Kaur Kathy Collins can be reached for healing sessions at www.positiveshifting.com