Al DiCicco - Scientific Evidence of Chemtrails! Also - Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson's Influence on His Life as an Activist: Chemtrails, 9/11 & Exposing Pedophilia in High Places


Al DiCicco is an activist who has worked to raise awareness about a number of issues and was featured in the film Shade, by Shepard Ambellas, because Al led a group of Arizonans to test their blood for the metallic contents of chemtrail spraying: aluminum, barium, and strontium...and the results were off the charts. This is clear evidence of chemtrail spraying but that's not all, the group did rain water testing as well...same results. Al DiCicco has documented a living evidence for us and its up to us to take the ball and run with it for our children! Al also met former FBI Chief out of LA Ted Gunderson years ago, when Al was facing his own family court battle. Gunderson spoke with Al at length, shared a lot of wisdom, and revealed many things to him, things which have influenced his activism and life for years, revelations about chemtrails, 9/11, the corrupt legal system and pedophilia in high places. In spite of all Al DiCicco has faced he has a message of encouragement for us all - listen now, learn a lot, and be inspired as well!

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