Jailing Vaccine Resisters? Is California a Test Case for Globalist Medical Tyranny?

Photo by Spenser - source below

Photo by Spenser - source below

"SB 792 [represents] the first adult vaccine mandate in the U.S. that disallows exemptions for personal reasons, and that threatens criminal penalties for those who fail or refuse to comply." http://www.naturalnews.com/050725_SB792_mandatory_vaccines_California.html#ixzz48GjKRqW0


Governor Brown signed SB 277 the most stringent vaccine mandate in the United States on June 30, 2015.  This new law [went] into effect on July 1, 2016. 

Families that do not comply with the one-size-fits-all vaccine mandate, will lose their State Constitutional right for a free and appropriate education in public and private K-12 schools. The use of licensed daycare facilities, in-home daycare, public or private preschools and even after school care programs are also included in SB 277.


If you've heard that the medical industry has discontinued the use of the controversial "thimerosal " a poisonous mercury based ingredient in vaccines since the fifties which, according to some, has been tied to autism in children -- well, think again -- they have shifted the use of thimerosal to flu vaccines and in California laws are being put into place which include criminal penalties for those who refuse to be vaccinated with flu and other vaccines.

That's not all! Big Pharma is including human biological material in vaccines and other medicines - including, according to our sources, medicinal gummy bears! This essentially forces cannibalistic practices onto an unsuspecting public, but woe to he who resists!

And can an RFID chip can be implanted by way of a vaccine?

This episode of QMR includes clips, science, and personal stories, as well as the latest legal actions taking place in the realm of Big Pharma's forced vaccination war on liberty, genuine health, freedom and independence.

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"They're tested in tens of thousands of children before they're sent to the Food and Drug Administration for licensure and then they're tested in millions of children post-licensure to make sure that they are as safe as possible."

Dr. Paul Offit -- admitting the U.S. government experiments on children

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