Why Were Witness Reports of Lobby & Basement Explosions on 9/11 "Before the First Plane Hit"? Plus - The Man Who Predicted 9/11


On this, the Sixteenth Anniversary of 9/11, we'll explore why the government has omitted all reports of explosions, from their official narrative, when so many witnesses saw explosions, people injured from explosions, people died from explosions in the lower basement levels and the lobbies and many BEFORE THE FIRST PLANE HIT! Plus - Bill Cooper, the man who predicted 9/11!

Bill Cooper 9/11 Broadcast


9/11 Witnesses to Lobby Explosions


911 Firefighters Report Bombs and Lobby Explosions


Willy Rodriguez Basement Explosions


Phil Moreli 9/11 Witness 


ACTION ALERT! Urge your legislator to introduce the Bobby Mcilvaine Act!


9/11 Sixteenth Anniversary Events!


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