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Truth & Shadows blog has recently crested 2 million hits and all due to hard hitting truth telling! Founder Craig McKee joins the show today to discuss false flags in America, including the Pentagon attack. Craig is a Canadian journalist of 23 years who has won 8 provincial and national weekly news awards.

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Craig McKee article on the video doctoring, with a link in it to Mazzucco's film:

Craig McKee rebuttal of Chandler on the Pentagon:

Craig McKee deconstruction of his 2015 talk in Oakland:

Sheila Casey's Boston bombing article:

Craig McKee Boston bombing article about the innocence of the brothers:

Craig McKee first article on Sandy Hook:

And the follow-up:

Paul Craig Roberts on the Parkland Shooting:

Massimo Mazzucco on the Pentagon - September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor:

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