Mystery Babylon, the NWO, the UN, a 'Green Deal', Global Governance, Global Religion -- It's ALL ONE! An Analysis of Bill Cooper's Timeless Research


Mystery Babylon, according to the late Bill Cooper, IS the NWO, it is a religion. It is the religion practiced, according to Bill, in Masonic Temples across the country and around the world. It is also the religion which is fundamental at the UN according to researchers well versed in the writings of Alice Bailey and published through Lucis Trust, formally Lucifer Trust, an organization embedded at the UN and which founded World Goodwill. This organization was placed, by the UN, in charge of the implementation of Agenda 21 globally by placing it in charge of the UN New Millennium Sustainability Development Goals in 2015. In this show, by Bill during his Hour of the Time shortwave radio broadcast, many years ago, he asserts that Vatican hierarchy also belong to secret societies (practicing a Mystery Babylon religion) and one only need to look up the Vatican telescope in Tucson, AZ, one of the most advanced observatory telescopes in the world. The name of this telescope is the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. telescope. Are they just being cute? Doubtful, the clear and very likely truth is that they are being brazen. The Pope in 2015 highly supported the UN New Millennium Sustainability Goals which the Luciferians of World Goodwill had become in charge of by including an assertion in his 2015 encyclical that all Catholics follow the UN NMSDG's.

It is important to understand what is happening, also because there is a push for socialism in America coupled with a "Green Deal" which is in actuality Agenda 21, the NWO planned global takeover, meaning resources, land, water, the weather (controlling the weather is well into full swing) and people as a the NWO people are a resource, just that!

It is important, if one wants to understand what the 'New World Order' really is, that one understand it is first and foremost a religion, a Luciferian religion, it is the Mystery Babylon religion.

This show is dedicated to William Cooper and the invaluable research which cost him his life. May God always bless your soul Bill!


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