Child Trafficking and Experimentation by Way of Medical Kidnapping and CPS

Read about the cases, read court documents, learn the facts at

Read about the cases, read court documents, learn the facts at

Today on QMR we're going to learn about actual stories, they are heart wrenching, shocking and they are real. Good families having their children quite literally subject to state sponsored abduction on baseless charges and sometimes without any charge at all, as a matter of fact sometimes children are kept from good families based on 'adoptability'. That's right, children removed and then held as CPS attempts to proceed with a legal process called "establishing best interest" meaning they attempt to "establish" that even though no fault can be found with the parents it may be in the "best interest" of the child to be adopted anyway! The results are beyond tragic as children taken from good homes by Child "Protective" Services may be raped, burned, abused, place in pedophile ring foster homes, you name it, and if that isn't enough, guess what, once these children are in the custody of the state it is legal to do drug testing on them! Learn what is happening, get the word out, the truth will shock you, yes, but we need people to be aware in order to fight back, to fight for our children, they are NOT the state's children, to do with as they please, they are our children, the children of the people.


Arizona Child Taken Away From Loving Parents and Placed in Foster Care Where She Was Repeatedly Raped and Then 80% of Her Body Burned

Medical Kidnapping in the U.S. - Kidnapping Children for Drug Trials

Breast Fed Home Birthed Children Taken Away From Parents for Not Using Hospital

Judge in Homeschool Teenager Medical Kidnap Case Orders Video and Pictures of Doctor Removed From Medical Kidnap Website as Cell Phones of Supporters are Confiscated

Medical Kidnap Editor/Reporter Terri LaPoint at Million Parent March

Parents May Lose Custody For Opposing a Sex Change Operation On Their CHILD?


The President of the American College of Pediatrics, Dr. Michelle Cretella, referred to sex change operations in children and the preceding measures therein, saying, "the transition-affirming protocol is child abuse."

Is it possible that a parent in 'the civilized world' could lose custody of a child because he or she is opposed to that child being surgically changed from a male to a female and vice versa? The answer is yes, and it has already happened in Ohio where both parents lost custody of their child for opposing a sex change operation on their teenage daughter! In fact other parents may stand to lose custody of their even younger children. A father in Texas has been threatened by the courts and has been banished from teaching his son his own religious beliefs about sexuality. Whaaat? That's right, and he may lose custody of his son if he opposes chemical castration on his son by the time he reaches the ripe old age of eight years old and ultimiately a full fledged sex change operation! But that's not all, he may have to pay for the sexual mutilation of his child! He could even lose custody for referring to the child as a 'he' or a 'boy'. What is happening here? Who is behind these core changes in the rights of parents. Who profits from these trends and changes in the legal status of parental authority and in the clear violations of First Amendment Rights of parents and their normal and self evidently entitled communications with their own children? Most importantly, if parents cannot decide on these matters then who has taken charge of our children? Like a thief in the night another force has entered the core realm of family and is gradually, surreptitiously taking control of our children, at every level! Do we really want a country where the state controls our children over parents? Do we want that kind of dictatorship? Can a free society exist under such conditions? Obviously not! Listen to today's show to find out precisely what is happening and what people, what families, what parents are doing to fight it, and JOIN THEM!


Ohio Parents Lose Custody of Teen For Opposing Sex Change Operation

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