Firefighter and 9/11 Truth Leader Erik Lawyer on Unitive Justice VS Punitive Justice: Changing the Paradigm From Our Larger Field of One


If you have been examining the hard science and forensic evidence which exposes the fraudulent claims of the official account for 9/11, then you are familiar with names like Richard Gage, AIA, Niels Harrit, PhD, Steven Jones, PhD, and a firefighter who had a 25 year career in Seattle and who became a major leader in the 9/11 Truth & Science Movement - Erik Lawyer, founder of  Firefighters For 9/11 Truth, now Firefighters For 9/11 Truth & Unity, has shed an enormous, illuminating light on the fire science of 9/11 and on the refusal of The National Institute of Standards & Technologies (NIST) to even test for explosives or the use of accelerants, as required by the National Standards for Fire Investigations. Erik's courage to speak out brought him rapidly to the forefront of the Truth Movement. However, his scientific knowledge of 9/11 as an inside job also sent him plummeting down a rabbit hole and squarely into a 'dark night of the soul'. This personal, internal life crisis lead him to a level of examining 9/11 from a place few have experienced, from a spiritual level, a quantum level, and a place of higher consciousness. This spiritual battle has manifest as an organization he founded called One Becoming One, as well as an intense exploration into his own healing and awakening. One of the discoveries on his journey has been an holistic and new system of justice called Unitive Justice. We'll discuss his journey as well as gain a deeper understanding of just what Unitive Justice as opposed to punitive justice, really is. If you have thirsted for justice for 9/11 and have begun to lose faith that this will ever happen, consider a new that may bring the lasting change we have all desired, while operating outside of the traditional system of justice to which we are accustomed. Erik Lawyer is on the cutting edge of bringing genuine and lasting change, something  we have all longed for. The reality is...we can manifest it, if we, ourselves, are willing to change...our hearts and minds, creating healing circles, wisdom circles involving the Unitive Justice method, wherein we can process our pain, our anger, and exteriorize our own shadows, in the spirit of bringing about a transformation that begins...with us! We can make a lasting change in the current paradigm because the truth is Unitive Justice works!

Firefighters For 9/11 Truth & Unity

One Becoming One

Unitive Justice

Sylvia Clute (Founder/Attorney - Unitive Justice)

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Kathy Collins: How to Embrace Universal Love After Surviving MK Ultra Ritual Abuse (or Any Form of Trauma) 

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Kathleen Collins is an MK Ultra ritual abuse survivor whose life is now dedicated to expansion, healing, and offering a message of viable hope and unconditional love in a troubled world. If you have felt overwhelmed by the events of our time or if you have your own personal healing to do, don't miss this amazing interview with a powerful healer who has walked the long road of healing, herself!

Kathy is the founder of Positive Shifting* a healing and transformational modality whereby she works with clients with a variety of needs, helping them to transform their outlook and therefore their lives into a positive, manifesting, spiritual  life force. She carries a Bachelors Degree in French, travels around the world, and is proficient in: Energy Healing, Stress Management, Holistic Health, Stress Relaxation, Personal Development, Meditation, Alternative Medicine, Wellness Coaching, Life & Lifestyle Coaching, Chakra Balancing & Intuitive Development.

*Note: Kathy's site for Positive Shifting (above) is currently being overhauled so check back later! You can keep in touch with Kathy's insights via Facebook.

Sleuth Journal article about Kathy Collins (Kathy made two age corrections which are amended in the Quantum Matrix Radio introduction):

Kathy Collins interview with Bill Ryan (Project Avalon)

Kathy Collins first interview on Quantum Matrix Radio

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Kathy has drawn much inspiration, insight, and direct benefit from participating in and utilizing the works of:  Peter Levine/Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute &

Eckhart Tolle

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique: University of Washington Podcast:

'How To Practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation Technique' an Anxiety BC PDF:

Master John Douglas

Kathy listens to CDs by Master Douglas:

Colonic cleansing and releasing old emotions:

Naturopathy and PTSD

Other links to mental health professionals who work with healing therapies for MK Ultra & satanic ritual abuse :

MK Ultra declassified and psychological healing info

Psychological healing from ritual abuse

The amazing Guru Ganesha Band concert tickets and CDs can be purchased here: &

Quantum Matrix Radio is hosted and produced by cross country trekker for truth, author Pamela Senzee

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